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We specialise in working closely with our clients to create commercial photography that successfully communicates their brand's identity and key messages. We are more than just commercial photographers. Our experienced production team work closely with you to offer a unique turnkey solution. From providing art direction and designing shot concepts through to finding suitable locations, sourcing talent and developing a detailed brief. We have the skills and experience to co-ordinate all projects, from a location portrait through to large scale commercial shoot around the world.

  • About Our Company

    Nusantara Photography is a team of leading commercial photographers and advertising photographers based in Kuala Lumpur.

  • The Team

    The advertising photographers and production team at Nusantara are your perfect creative partners. As a full service commercial photography studio with many years experience in the industry, we can assist you with location scouting, make up and art direction.

Creativity beyond boundry

We love the challenge commercial photography brings and how a fantastic concept can significantly increase sales and build brand loyalty. Creativity is the cornerstone of what we love about commercial.

  • Photography for the public

    Creative Days are one of the ways we keep our team innovative, creative and fresh. It's where we get to let loose a few times a year and shoot a series of personal projects, usually around Kuala Lumpur, on topics that inspire us and explore the limits of commercial photography.

  • Join our free studio shoot and location outing

    Want to know more about our photo jamming session?Or if want to get creative with us, we are always on the lookout for models, great locations and talented, creative or passionate people who want to get involved.
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Our Services

We are more than just photographers.

Studio Photography

Studio photography is essentially used to create a unique look and feel
in a controlled environment. It allows for a larger number of portraits
to be captured faster and still maintain consistency. Typically all portraits are shot in a studio on a white background to produce a clean high end result whilst giving your designers greater flexibly with layout and media. If you have trouble getting your people to the studio then we will come to your place.

Advertising Photography

We shoot everything from food photography to sea vessels, white goods to fashion accessories. Attention to lighting along with using the right lens to avoid curvature is essential to make a product look right. It's no secret that great product photography increases sales and lends professionalism and credibility to products and the people selling them. It's worth getting in experts who can shoot your product with the appropriate lighting, props and backdrops to show your product(s) in the best possible light. We provide 100% re-shoot guarantee and provide you with all files over which you'll have full exclusive rights.


Nusantara Photography has a solid and varied background in video services for corporate clients including promotional videos shot around Malaysia. Most of our work specializes in getting clean, high quality footage on DSLR video camera, Panasonic 3D video camera, Panasonic P2, 4K and many other mediums. Keynote speeches, documenting functions, videos of trade shows and we have a full editing suite. As with all our photographic services, you'll own full exclusive rights over all videographic work.

Architecture/ Real Estate Photography

Nusantara Photography shoots for Real Estate companies, for rental property companies throughout Malaysia. We understand distortion, linear perspective, how to shoot interiors and exteriors, eliminate clutter, prepare the property, use slave flashes and external light sources, and how to balance ambient light and flash. Shooting architecture and real estate is a challenge as most properties will appear unattractive in harsh light and usually have unsightly bushes or power lines in front - this is where our ‘on site’ and post production skills can make any property or building look fantastic.

Corporate Photography

Creating corporate portraits and branding imagery that successfully communicate your companies identity and points of difference can add credibility, confidence and professionalism to your corporate profile. As experienced corporate photographers, we understand that creating the right look comes down to more than just our equipment. Ashraf Saharudin, our lead photographer and art director, has extensive experience in working with executives and CEO’s to help them relax and feel comfortable in front of the camera, enjoy the experience and create corporate portraits that engage your audience.

Photographic Courses & Training

Our series of professional courses are a great way to train someone to actually shoot images themselves. We have a series of specialty workshops on subjects such as portraits, landscapes, nature and studio - designed to bring out the organizational, creative and technical talents of the team to produce great photographs. Contact us for more information. We run courses both in Malaysia and worldwide.




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Nusantara Photography business rates are transparent and fair with no hidden extras. We offer bulk, discounted photography & videography service rates on large projects such as 3 days up to few months or even annual contract shooting duration. Be it commercial, timelapse, videography, for corporate businesses, events, conferences or trade shows.

We are happy to discuss on any project and to suggest ways to enhance the visual, to have the best quality images and to add value to make it cost effective for you.


Feel free to contact us via email or enquiry form with your photography requirements and we will revert back to you with a obligation free quote as soon as possible.

Serve Your Photography Needs

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